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Welcome to Andy’s Art Room. This is a safe space to get messy. I personally think I don’t own any clothing that doesn’t have paint on it. This week in the art room we are working on setting up this website so that we can bring the creations to you. We visited a local frame shop owner and discussed options when framing our one of a kind pieces. He was very welcoming He showed us some of his art pieces. I feel it’s important to be able to support each other as fellow artists. He has studio space in the west bottoms up in Kansas City on the Missouri side. Every week he also hosts a charcoal class with a live model. This past weekend Rachel (my wife) and I traveled down to Eureka Springs to the Crescent Hotel. This area is bursting with art. We visited several shops that feature many local artists. We had the pleasure of meeting an older gentleman that had amazing stories about his many travels to Prague. I sat literally on the edge of my seat as he spoke. He spun tales so big it was hard to believe they were true. If you are ever in Eureka Springs you might have to look him up. While listening to this man’s amazing stories he took some time to look at some of my art pieces. He expressed that same reactions that I hear from all of you. So I have finally decided to listen. So from this day forward Andy’s Art Room is going into more serious direction. And with the support of all of you I leap forward. So again welcome to Andy’s Art Room. What will we create today?

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